Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Meet Alex..........from "Where The Wild Things Are"
what a surprise to me when I went out to the barn to feed the horses and herd a strange sound coming from one of the stalls. I did have my two goats put with a billy goat last winter/early spring and I was pretty sure that they were both going to have babies but I have no idea when they were bred so did not really know when to expect there kids............He is so dang cute!!!! He is so dang tiny!.......He was about 8in tall and 10 in long. And of course the girls and everyone else that sees him loves him....The other goat should give birth in the next few weeks as far as I can tell.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Call 2 Fall

Call 2 Fall

I'm so busy with the girls and the farm that I haven't had time to do a thing on my blog........
But, here is something that is worthy of posting ...........blessings and have a wonderful summer

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vegetables for early spring

My vegetable garden is almost ready to plant......last year we had such a cold wet spring the even though I planted my green beans under hoops covered with plastic they still froze and I had to plant them again......This year I really don't think that will be a problem. Im chompping at the bit!!!
I can't wait to get started. I found this website that had a list of early spring vegetables to plant....I'M READY!!!  Now it's raining.........

Vegetables for early spring

Vegetables for early spring

Basket of carrots

Even under quick hoops, you won't want to plant frost-sensitive vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers anytime soon. However, there is still a wide selection of crops to choose from for your spring garden. I've highlighted the easiest ones in the chart below.

VegetableStart from:Notes
BeetsSeedsBeet seeds can sometimes be difficult to germinate. As with other root crops, beets need loose, loamy soil.
BroccoliTransplants The more advanced gardener can start her own seedlings either inside or in a quick hoop. Otherwise, buy sets from the local feed store when night temperatures have risen into the high 20s to low 30s Fahrenheit.
Brussels sproutsTransplants The more advanced gardener can start her own seedlings either inside or in a quick hoop. Otherwise, buy sets from the local feed store when night temperatures have risen into the high 20s to low 30s Fahrenheit.
CabbageTransplants The more advanced gardener can start her own seedlings either inside or in a quick hoop. Otherwise, buy sets from the local feed store when night temperatures have risen into the high 20s to low 30s Fahrenheit.
CarrotsSeedsWell-drained, loamy soil is mandatory. Carrots are slow-growers, so weed carefully to give the seedlings breathing room.
CauliflowerTransplants The more advanced gardener can start her own seedlings either inside or in a quick hoop. Otherwise, buy sets from the local feed store when night temperatures have risen into the high 20s to low 30s Fahrenheit.
CollardsSeedsSpring greens are some of the easiest vegetables to grow. In addition to collards, spinach, and Swiss chard, consider trying some Asian greens for variety.
LeeksSeedsLeeks take a long time to grow, so I generally prefer the perennial Egyptian onions instead. As with other root crops, leeks need loose, loamy soil.
LettuceSeedsLeaf lettuce is my earliest harvest of the year because I always plant it under quick hoops. You can cut leaves within a month of planting, but be sure to seed a second bed as soon as you start eating the first --- lettuce becomes bitter within a few weeks of first harvest.
OnionsSeeds, sets, or transplants.Getting your onions to germinate out in the cold can be a bit tricky, so you may choose to start them inside or under quick hoops to ensure they have time to grow before summer heat stunts them. Select a variety appropriate for your day length (short day in the south and long day in the north.) Many gardeners simplify planting by buying sets (tiny bulbs) from the local feed store, but onions grown from sets usually don't store well.
ParsleySeedsParsley is grown very similarly to carrots, but you pick the leaves a few at a time for the next year rather than digging up the root.
PeasSeedsSoak your seeds overnight before planting to ensure they sprout quickly. Erect a trellis for them to grow on.
PotatoesCut up pieces of potato, each with two eyesHill up your potatoes by adding soil or dirt extending a few inches up the growing stem once the plant is about eight inches tall. This prevents the new tubers from being exposed to sunlight and turning green. If you're planting early into cold soil, consider cutting your seed potatoes a few weeks in advance and laying them out in a bright spot so they'll presprout.
RadishSeedsSome gardeners plant radish seeds in their carrot rows. The radishes come up quickly and mature before they compete with the slower-growing carrots.
SpinachSeedsI find that spinach plants usually bolt in the spring, so I generally focus on other varieties of leafy greens.
Swiss chardSeedsSwiss chard seeds can sometimes be difficult to germinate, but otherwise Swiss chard is perhaps the easiest green to grow and will keep producing all summer.
TurnipsSeedsLike other root crops, turnips prefer loamy, well-drained soil.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's spring, and I'm outside

It's spring, and I'm outside..........working on the garden expansion, putting in blueberries,blackberries,raspberries and grapes.......also getting the garden ready for planting......spreading loads and loads of wonderful rich composted horse manure and shavings (grin) An early spring here in the mountains will have me putting in my vegetable garden 5 or 6 weeks early!!! wooohoo, it is such a struggle here with our cool temps to really get a garden off and going very early and then early fall frosts keep us from being able to grow things like watermelons or pumpkins because they freeze before they are ready.....This year it just might work.  I'm going to give some pumpkins a try, the girls will love it!

Getting started back walking/jogging trying to get back on track for my fitness and weight loss goals.

  Watching chickens, they are funny. Waiting on one hen to hatch a dozen eggs but she is taking longer than she should???.........should be any day....The goats are bred, I think.......we are hoping to get some kids this summer and goats milk too :o).......I made homemade buttermilk the other day from fresh goats milk and it was wonderful! I made some ranch dressing with it also and used some for baking...........Last week I  took a class on making homemade mozzarella cheese at a raw milk dairy near by....I'm going to make some today.....not sure what to make with it though.

I'm working on my new bible study, "Stuck"'s going good. I am seeing more and more of a pattern of how my expectations that I put onto others keeps me disappointed with them and how this is not good for me or for them or for our relationships.........learning to just love and give a whole lot more grace :o)

Exercise Out-of-Doors

Every woman should take a certain amount of exercise out-of-doors. It is necessary for good health and good nature too. If by doing so you will be obliged to leave some of the work in the house undone, who will know or care one hundred years from now?

[Thomas’s Farmer's Almanac]
Blessings to All, and remember God is sooo good, all the time!!!
Happy Spring~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upcoming Mission to IRELAND!!! | Harvest Ministry

I am Praying for Ireland, for Jon and Ann Dunagan from Harvest Ministry who are going on a missions trip to Ireland......I am praying that the peoples hearts will be opened to the Gospel and that the Lord's will be done in these places.........That the pastors will be encouraged and that many lives will be touched because they went. click on the title link and read the details of their missions trip.  This is a wonderful ministry! 

God has placed in my heart a desire to be involved with them, to support the orphans at the Guma Na Yesu (Keep with Jesus) Children's Center in Uganda - East Africa and to pray for the needs of the children, the workers/teachers and the missionaries that so selflessly devote their lives to care for the widows and orphans of this world and to share with them the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  James 1:27 tells us that this is pure religion.......

Jennie Allen Stuck

I am looking forward to beginning  this journey with a group of woman from my church.
This sounds like a good one. I will share along the way.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies

Friday, April 6, 2012

Christian Seder - About Seder

I am so excited!!!   Tonight my family will attend our very first Seder dinner. It will be held at my mom and dads church (they have been in years past). Although I know about and understand the Seder/passover dinner I have never acually gone to one and I'm excited!!!  This will be a fun way to teach my grandkids more about the true meaning of Easter and why we celibrate it. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to shape their hearts and mold these traditions/truths into the very fabric of their beings. I do not take this opportunity/resposibility lightly.

I found this picture on the internet and if you click on the link below it will take you to a website that will explain more about the Seder dinner if you are interested in learning more. Also on  Jewish Voice there is a video clip from the tv program that aired this week that explains it very well. once your on that page just click on the link that says The Messianic passover Seder. I love learning more about the Jewish roots of Christianity. 

Christian Seder - About Seder

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hillsong United - Nothing But The Blood

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

This week I will be spending a lot of time contemplating on Palm Sunday, the next five days, Good Friday and the Cross and Easter, Resurrection Sunday. So much to think about and I feel very humbled.
Thank You Lord Jesus for the beautiful cross, thank you for shedding your precious blood for the atonement of my sins.......What can take away my sins? NOTHING but the BLOOD of JESUS!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a Crazy Lady!!!

I'm a Crazy Lady and I even have the hat to prove it. Here's yer hat! kinda like when Jeff Foxworthy used to say........Here's yer sign...hehehe

Even here in the mountains of Utah where I live at 7000 ft above sea level it is spring!!! :o)

The snow has melted off early this year. We didn't get nearly as much snow as would be normal for our area and it has been warmer than normal so the snow is gone (all but the higher mountain elevations) and the ground is drying up fast which means that theres tons of work to do!

Why I'm a Crazy Lady!


you know I look just like this when I'm cleaning don't you?

Spring cleaning is almost done on the inside, most of It I do in the winter months because I am home bound a lot of the time.  I don't like to go out and about if the roads are bad and I am not a winter sports person. I really do not like the cold so I stay indoors quit a bit in the winter months. This is when I will do my spring cleaning and indoor projects like painting, decorating or refinishing furniture. I have a set of bookshelves in the garage that I'm going to start this week for Paris's room.

Once the warm weather gets here I DO NOT WANT TO BE INDOORS!  When it is warm you will find me out at the barn clipping and bathing a horse, riding or giving lessons to the kids, working in the garden or in a flowerbed, chicken watching *grin*. Now that the girls are getting older they want to be doing the same things as me. :o) (happy Grammy) Here's yer hat!

Why I'm a Crazy Lady!

                                                               GARDEN PLANNING

We will be garden planning, preparing the garden area and getting it all planted. Last year we tripled our garden area. I have some new ideas for the new areas but it will probably evolve over time. Some of the ideas that I have take $$$$ others take time. Things like a cottage looking garden shed (with a porch) ;o) $$$, a fence $$$, stone pathways (time), and fruit bushes/trees will be added, more $$$ and time.

I have this huge bronze looking rooster that is about three ft tall that I want to use out in the garden somehow, maybe at the entrance $$$ or as an ornament alongside the garden shed. There is a lot of clean up to do outside, everything looks dirty after winter and before everything greens up. Also depending on the year we can get a pretty bad muddy season. (I hope we don't this year)

I have asked my hubby to install a clothes line out in the yard (I have asked this for the last two years ;o) so that when weather permits I can hang out our clothes to cut cost on our utilities and just because I love the smell of line dried laundry and bedding. Also I need it for our big blankets and comforters, we have a king size bed and that comforter won't even fit in our dryer. Also I usually have a few horse blankets and sheets to hang out. DH says OK! he gets it.....the clothes line will go in this spring! :o) He likes to eat.....Heres yer hat!

Why I'm a Crazy Lady!
  I need to finish a couple of books I have started. This one is tough I have two I am reading now, oh wait.... make that four that I need to finish so I can get to some of the others I bought that I want really to read. I also have a few I want to reread because I read them while going through a stressful time in my life and I don't even remember what they were about. :o)

My book list:

Reading now; Fool Proofing Your Life (how to deal effectively with impossible people in your life) by Jan Silvious 
The Scarlet Cord, nothing but the blood of Jesus (a concise call to world missions) by Jon & Ann Dunagan of Harvest Ministry 
As Silver Refined (what if your circumstances are actually the flames of God's grace, intended to burn away all that is undesirable in your life, leaving you pure, like refined silver?) by Kay Arthur
The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer

Next in line;

The Mission Minded Family by Ann Dunagan
The Mission Minded Child by Ann Dunagan
Make Your Place (affordable, sustainable nesting skills) by Raleigh Briggs
The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers (I do live in Utah :o)
Forgotten God by Francis Chan (reread)
Radical by David Platt (reread)
Crazy Love by Francis Chan (reread)
Indescribable by Louie Giglio and Matt Redman
Revolution in World Missions by K. P. Yohannan
Redeeming The Time by Chuck D. Pierce
A Beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas
Because He Loves Me by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick (reread, I only got half way through it and don't remember what I read)

Heres yer hat!

I totally look like this when I read! :o) Don't you read in pantyhose?

Why I'm a Crazy Lady!
 It seems like I have a hard time reading the books that I want to read. I read to and with the girls every night for about an hour before bed time.  We just finished reading The Horse and His Boy by C.S.Lewis and now we are reading Cheaper By The Dozen and will watch the movie when we are done. (sometimes I like to order the movies if there has been one made of the books we are reading, it makes for a fun movie night and makes for some fun conversations about the books/stories/people/lifestyles/choices etc. ) It also helps to build a better visual picture in the kids minds of there story and they just remember the stories better. (me too ;o) I have a whole other list of books we will be reading together.....Heres yer Hat!

Why I'm a Crazy Lady!
Then by the time I can take a breath from all the outdoor clean up and garden planting and maybe go for a few rides on my horse it will be summer and what comes next? Canning Season!!!
Here's yer hat! :o)

Just in case you were wondering ..........Why I'm a Crazy Lady!

Blessings and Happy Spring!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick was a MISSIONARY to Ireland!

Paris and I made a Leprechaun trap

This week we are learning about St. Patrick.  Ann from Harvest Ministry posted the following on their web site and I thought I would share what she wrote.   This year Portia's Sonlight curriculum has been focused on world missions and what is called the 10/40 window.   It is my desire to cultivate their hearts in such a way as to develop a love for the orphans of this world, for the poor and hungry and for all people who are lost and need Jesus.  

What is the 10/40 Window?
The 10/40 Window is an area of the world that contains the largest population of non-Christians in the world. The area extends from 10 degrees to 40 degrees North of the equator, and stretches from North Africa across to China.

We love Harvest Ministry and what they do and we will now be partnering with them to support their ministry. We are anxiously awaiting three books from Harvest Ministry one is "The Mission Minded Family" the other "The Mission Minded Child" and the other The "Scarlet Cord". I know that these books will help me to open up their hearts and minds to the needs of others around the world. You can find these books on their website if you are interested in them.

St. Patrick’s Day

To many people, St. Patrick’s Day is nothing more than a holiday to commemorate the traditions of Ireland. People wear “Irish” green; stores decorate with shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows; and restaurants feature meals of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes . . . or green-colored mint milkshakes.

To others, March 17th is a day to gratify the flesh: to guzzle beer, or to glorify sinful lifestyles through disgraceful city-wide parades. How far we have come from the real story of a missionary named Patrick and the sacrifices he made to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Ireland. Today, more than ever, our world needs the Gospel.

During the month of March, let’s remember the missionary story of St. Patrick. And let’s use all the GREEN decorations as a constant reminder, wherever we see them (in stores, restaurants, etc.), that we’re all called to GO with God’s GOOD NEWS!

How can we pray for Ireland?

In previous generations, Ireland was a predominantly Christian nation, even “sending” missionaries to other countries and helping to spread the Gospel throughout Europe. Today, according to a recent European Believers report, less than 1% of the people of Ireland are born-again believers (only 0.62%). That percentage is so low.
As mission-minded families, we need to PRAY for Ireland.
Learn how to pray for IRELAND on OPERATION WORLD.

St. Patrick’s Day – MARCH 17th
Patrick was the first Christian missionary to Ireland. In the United States, celebrations include city parades, Irish cultural celebrations, and the wearing of green.

Who was Saint Patrick?

There is ONE GOD in 3 Persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

“Saint” Patrick (389 – 461 AD) actually went to Ireland twice – first as a slave, and later as a missionary. Born in Britain (in Wales), Patrick is widely known as the first Christian missionary to the Irish people. During his youth (from 16 to 22 years old), he was captured and taken to Ireland. While there, young Patrick repented of his sinful, backslidden condition. Years later, after escaping to his homeland, he received a vision from God calling him to return to the Irish people to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Patrick obeyed God’s call and went back.
For the remainder of his life, Patrick ministered among the heathen tribes of Ireland – confronting Irish idolatry and sorcery, converting many to Jesus Christ, and baptizing thousands of people. Tradition says he used the three-leaf Irish clover to teach the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
According to historian William Federer, who wrote St. Patrick: The Real History of His Life, From Tragedy to Triumph, “He was actually a missionary and he converted 120,000 druids from paganism to Christianity.” Federer claims that in the fifth century A.D., Patrick did more than perhaps anyone in history to spread Christianity in Europe. Although druids attempted to kill him over a dozen times, Patrick continued to preach the message of Jesus Christ, and throughout his ministry he pioneered over 300 Christian churches. Patrick also spoke out against slavery, and because of this, some call him the world’s first abolitionist.
Mission-Minded Family Resources:
To learn more about St. Patrick, I recommend Hero Tales – Volume III, by Dave & Neta Jackson (Bethany House Publishers). Along with the short biography summary, St. Patrick: Missionary to Ireland, the Jackson’s include three devotional stories (each with a focus “From God’s Word” and “Let’s Talk About It” discussion questions) to read aloud:
  • “Your Ship is Ready” — Trust
  • The Fire on the Hill — Boldness
  • Blood on the White Robes — Righteous Anger
VeggieTales has a funny “flannel-graph” version of the St. Patrick story, which is surprisingly historically accurate, on the VeggieTales DVD, Sumo of the Opera.
Also, Focus on the Family has a special “Days to Remember” edition of Adventures in Odyssey, with two episodes specifically highlighting the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.
NOTE: This article is adapted from the chapter “Enjoying Missions Throughout the Year” from Ann’s book,
The Mission-Minded Family – Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*Frugal Ways * Fixing things Up* Using what you have*

I think most people are feeling the pinch of this downed economy our country is in and many of us are finding ways to fix up what we have in order to cut our costs whatever way we can.
I know we sure do feel the crunch, our income is down about 40% all the while the cost of food, fuel, & health care skyrocket.

I have gone to great lengths the past couple of years to learn how to
substantially cut our expenses. We have expanded our garden and I have started canning a lot more of our own food. I have joined a food co-op where I purchase a basket of fresh fruits and veggies each week for only $15 a week and I have refinished some beat up furniture to take care of some of the girls needs and fix up their rooms.

I even  refinished our dinning room table, it is made of pine and over the years all the kids had beat it up pretty bad. We had a friend cover the top with a crackle look formica for $150 then I painted the legs and sanded them to create a distressed finish. I had  done this several years ago to my coffee table and end table in the family room so now they all match :o)

I just brought home a beat up bookshelf unit for Paris. I am going to refinish it and put it in her room to hold all her books (because of home school curriculum she has a lot) one tall unit and a shorter unit that will sit next to it to hold her tv and dvd player. (only dvd's in the girls rooms, no connection to regular tv) :o) best part is.....It was FREE!!!........thanks mom! Now I can move her books out of her closet and have more room in there for her other junk toys that are stuffed under her bed. I love it when I can find inexpensive and simple solutions to make things function around here a little bit better. :o) I will post some before and after photos soon.

 we also had two leafs done to match so that on
holidays we can expand the table. There are two more of the side chairs that go and a bench that matches....when it is all put together we can sit 10.

 can you believe this top is formica? The best part of this is the kids can't hurt it now! LOL
Not a bad looking table for $150

I don't have to have the best and I love to take old things and fix them up and re purpose them for a new use or just to fix them up and keep going with them but I hate it when my things get tore up. It's funny, I love the distressed look but it has to have been meant to have looked that way LOL

 This is my bag from Bountiful Baskets last weekend.....this is quite a bit of produce for $15
 Saturday morning after returning from picking up my basket I came home and made this breakfast casserole....with my hens laying between 12 and 16 eggs a day I do look for recipes that will use up eggs quick and this recipe used 10 eggs :o)

Breakfast Casserole
3 slices of bread diced
10 eggs
2 cups milk
1 onion diced
1 bell pepper diced
1 1/2 cups shredded cheese
1 lb ground sausage cooked
a little salt and pepper

Saute peppers and onions with a bit of olive oil
brown and crumble sausage
Butter a 13x9 in baking dish
place diced bread on bottom and spread with the shredded cheese
whisk eggs and milk and pour over the cheese
top with sauteed peppers and onions and the crumbled cooked sausage
salt and pepper then bake @350 for 45-55 min until set

That's what Iv been up to

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Using Laying Hens for Meat - Hobby Farms

Using Laying Hens for Meat - Hobby Farms

I have a few older hens that have stopped laying and I need to learn to process them and to keep adding new hens each year.
My husband keeps mentioning about the "Hens that don't lay anymore". This is a task that I have avoided up until now.
I wonder if he will help me? LOL We have a few too many roosters too. I guess I need to do the same to them.....having so many roosters is really hard on the hens.( I have learned this.) We did get a bunch of new hens last spring (along with some unordered roosters) and this spring I am thinking I might let one of the broody hens sit on some eggs to see if we can get some new hens added this year. An earlier post I did shows how to tell if the eggs are hens or roosters.

Ok Susan, be brave! Your the one who wants to do this homesteading/farm life, raise your own, grow your own kinda lifestyle now.......It's better for you, remember!....It doesn't have any hormones or antibiotics or artificial fertilizers or weed killers or pesticides.....Your family really does not care either way, they would just as soon you go to the grocery store and buy the food we eat like I always have. grrrrrr

I am really struggling here getting my family on board with this whole homesteading thing.......We have plenty of land for growing our own food. We do live in a cold climate and that is a hindrance but it is still doable, I grow a huge garden (we expanded it last year). I can or freeze things like tomatoes, green beans, peas, corn, carrots,chili peppers, applesauce, pears, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, all for winter use. I have worked diligently on our food storage and have really done a good job putting up all our staples for cooking and baking.....I have bought up things when they went on sale and bought the large plastic buckets for storing things like wheat, sugar, flour brown sugar, powdered sugar, rice, brown rice, beans ect. I bought two cases of raw honey from a local bee keeper and I ordered a couple of gallons of fresh maple syrup from a maple farm back east.

 My husband had these storage cabinets put in a couple of years ago....I had to hold my ground for them but once he had them put in he could see the need and was pleased with them.

I also grow several herbs in the garden and dry them for cooking. Last year I did oregano and thyme, sage, and rosemary. I have really enjoyed using all of it in my cooking this winter. I have given some of it as gifts in gift baskets that I put together at Christmas time. My husband does like what I have done and is glad that I really don't have to go to the store for much other than fresh produce, milk, toilet paper, personal care products, laundry and cleaning supplies. I have joined a food co-op in our area called Bountiful Baskets and most of our fresh produce comes from there for $15 a week.

We have a really nice new chicken house (future post) that my husband had built for me last fall. We are getting around 18 eggs a day and some neighbors buy eggs from me, that does help with the cost of feed especially in the winter months when the chickens don't roam.

I could buy a milk cow and was going to but my husband is not on board with it. He thinks it will be too much work and responsibility and he has let me know that "HE" will not be milking it!..........I need to just be happy with what I have accomplished and with what we are able to do for ourselves. My personality is a gung hoe one though and I like to do everything 110%....... I would do the cow...make my own cheese and butter.....(I do make my own buttermilk and grind my own wheat) raise my own pig and beef (as long as I don't have to slaughter it) but what frustrates me is I sometimes think my family would be just as happy if we lived on pizza and fast food, sodas, candy............I am very thankful that we are able to have our beef and pork raised by some friends that raise them the way we would ourselves.

I know we live a live style that some only dream of and others wouldn't dream of! LOL The girls love having the horses and all the farm animals though and so do I.

Lord please help me to feel contentment in my life, give me wisdom to do the things you would have me to do, things that will improve our health and lifestyle yet help me to let go of the things that are not practical for us at this time in our lives.....I know that my ministry is here at my home taking care of my family and raising my two granddaughters. Please let your light shine through me Lord that my whole family will know that you are God and that they will all learn to love and serve you.

Funny how I can pray myself right out of being frustrated! :o)