Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The girls had a fun and crazy week at VBS. It was a western/ranch theme and there were singing cowboys and mini horses. They had crazy hair day and fun snacks. I worked in the kitchen doing the snacks for about 140 kids each day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pillowcase dresses for girls in Haiti

Portia and Jayda took part in a service project for the homeless children in Haiti. These are the children who's lives were devastated by the huge earthquake they had there.

This was such a great project for the girls to be involved in.
We made 10 pillowcase dresses. They were very easy and really didn't take a lot of time. This was perfect for both of these girls because they are just learning to sew. The dresses are actually made from pillowcases. They turned out really cute.

I sent pictures with the lady that took the dresses to Haiti of the girls modeling the dresses to give to the girls that will receive them. She will take pictures of those girls in their dresses and bring them back with her for us to see........We can't wait to see the girls in the dresses that we made for them. We pray that God will bless those girls that receive them and that their hearts will be touched and they will know that there is a loving God who cares about them and that there are people all over the world that care about them and pray for them to know Jesus.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FINALLY, Warm weather = bath time

Our beautiful white Boogie wasn't so white and was in great need of a bath. It finally got warm enough to bathe horses. As with every aspect of life around here I am never short on helpers.

Boogie grows the longest tail of any horse I have ever owned. I keep it braided and after being in a braid all winter it was in need of a trim.

This is what happens when you keep your tail in a braid all winter and do not take it out.

This is one way to get to the hard to reach places.

Got sunglasses? yer gunna need em!

Paris feeds Boogie some treats for being such a good boy.
Portia braids his forelock. Boogie seems to enjoy all the attention. He really was a good boy!!

Of course Paris had to give her horses a bath too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Birthday Girl

The long awaited "5" has come for Paris. Complete with a homemade birthday cake, balloons, cousins, food, and don't for get the presents, of course there were summer clothes and a breathing faux puppy but the best part to Paris was LOTS OF SQUISHY STUFF!!! Paris loves anything squishy, especially if it is a snake or spider or anything that is weird. Paris, God has given you a zest for life and fun and animals and all kinds of critters, you are such a blessing! I can't believe you are 5. Happy Birthday little one.