Monday, April 23, 2012

It's spring, and I'm outside

It's spring, and I'm outside..........working on the garden expansion, putting in blueberries,blackberries,raspberries and grapes.......also getting the garden ready for planting......spreading loads and loads of wonderful rich composted horse manure and shavings (grin) An early spring here in the mountains will have me putting in my vegetable garden 5 or 6 weeks early!!! wooohoo, it is such a struggle here with our cool temps to really get a garden off and going very early and then early fall frosts keep us from being able to grow things like watermelons or pumpkins because they freeze before they are ready.....This year it just might work.  I'm going to give some pumpkins a try, the girls will love it!

Getting started back walking/jogging trying to get back on track for my fitness and weight loss goals.

  Watching chickens, they are funny. Waiting on one hen to hatch a dozen eggs but she is taking longer than she should???.........should be any day....The goats are bred, I think.......we are hoping to get some kids this summer and goats milk too :o).......I made homemade buttermilk the other day from fresh goats milk and it was wonderful! I made some ranch dressing with it also and used some for baking...........Last week I  took a class on making homemade mozzarella cheese at a raw milk dairy near by....I'm going to make some today.....not sure what to make with it though.

I'm working on my new bible study, "Stuck"'s going good. I am seeing more and more of a pattern of how my expectations that I put onto others keeps me disappointed with them and how this is not good for me or for them or for our relationships.........learning to just love and give a whole lot more grace :o)

Exercise Out-of-Doors

Every woman should take a certain amount of exercise out-of-doors. It is necessary for good health and good nature too. If by doing so you will be obliged to leave some of the work in the house undone, who will know or care one hundred years from now?

[Thomas’s Farmer's Almanac]
Blessings to All, and remember God is sooo good, all the time!!!
Happy Spring~

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Sue said...

How wonderful to catch up with what you have been doing Susan, it seems you are like me, busy busy busy. With getting our gardens going. We have had a beautiful warm spring, but this week is very chilly, and it might even get in the 30's tomorrow night, has us concerned about our fruit trees. Dh has decided to not plant anything else until May. We worked in my herb garden today removing nut grass, a very worrisome grass that is almost impossible to get rid of. We have to dig each of them up with a hole digger and then find the nut at the root. Very time consuming. I came in tired took a bath and thought i would call it a day. lol I told dh today that I am so out of shape. I started back walking last week but today decided i would go in as it is very cold. just making another excuse. lol Good luck with your exercise program. You would think with all the farm work i would be in shape.
Sorry for writing a long letter, but it seems forever since we talked. I might have mentioned it but I will repeat it , I love your header so precious.
Well I better go, enjoy your evening.
Hugs, Sue