Monday, June 30, 2008


As I was contemplating the scripture in the "Being Transformed" post I kept being drawn back in my memory to a poem that I wrote for my mother for Mothers day some 20 years ago. I found it interesting the comparison that I had drawn between that scripture and the poem I wrote about watching my mother (a very godly woman) and how us girls watch our mothers lives and then as we grow up our lives take on a likeness to theirs, we hope! How very blessed I am to have such a godly mother. What an honor it would be for me if when they are grown my grand daughters can say the same thing about me!

She is Watching You

She is watching you

and all that you do.

From very early on in life

she was watching you be a wife.

She sees the love and care that you give.

It's teaching her how to live.

She watches you when you are happy.

She watches you when you are sad.

She was even watching when you were mad.

She is there each and every day

watching you while you pray.

She is your loving daughter

and her life is an image of all you have taught her.

When she has grown your blessing will be,

that the image of Christ is what you see.

by Susan Gough

I love you mom, and even though I'll be 49 years old in August I am still watching you!

As I was digging in my file for this poem I came across a card that my mother gave to me for my birthday years ago.


today and always,

please know that I see you.

I see the path you've made

that's all your own.

I see the many unique

talents and gifts you have to share.

I see your brilliance, your enthusiasm,

and how deeply you care

and hurt sometimes.

I see your hard-earned wisdom,

your soft pure innocence,

your unconditional goodness.

I see what a difference you make in this world,

and I hope you know

how very much I love you,

and how proud I'll always be

to have a daughter

as wonderful as you.

Love, Mom

How blessed I am! The Lord may not have given me a sister but I am so blessed to call my mother my best friend and to have had two Christian parents to teach and guide me throughout my life.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Other Gods

Last week in the No Other Gods bible study we looked into the definitions of idols. One of the definitions that stood out for me was that an idol can come in the form of an overattachment to something. This week we looked at fear and I noticed that anything in my life that I had developed an overattachment to I also developed a fear of loosing or a fear of something going wrong. Kelly says on page 49 that if we can separate our fear from our idols that we will be able to think more clearly about what is actually ruling us and how fear is the agent hired by our idols to keep us attached. wow light bulb! Thank you Lord for bringing everything into the light.

Crazy but fun week, all three of my grandaughters Portia, Jayda and Paris started dance camp this week and will go everyday for two weeks. A bit crazy since each one is in a different age group and goes at a different time slot. Jaren also had his first horse show this week. He did such a good job and we are so proud of him! I also happen to love cooking and this Beth Moore bible study that Im doing has recipes for each week and then more every other week on Beths blog. So, I made the chicken enchiladas and the black beans (DeWayne loved the beans and rice dish)and the butterfinger cake. yummmy! I took half of the butterfinger cake over to Wayne and Jana for them and the kids to eat. I had fun and my family was blessed. Can't wait to try the next recipe for the chicken and bowtie pasta. I am not sure who I will make it for because DeWayne does not like feta cheese. Hmm maybe he will just have to learn to like it :o)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Transformed

Looking back over many years I can see how different and yes even perfectly good things had become functional gods in my life. Sometimes I think out of pure loneliness these things can begin to fill the place in our hearts that belong to God.
I think for me that is the case. Father forgive me, you have every right to be a jealous God. You are my creator, my redeemer, my provider. You deserve my total devotion. May everything I do today bring glory to you.

2 Corinthians 3:18
But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Started

Wow, where to start? This is my first time blogging and I am not sure where to start.
Summer! Yeah! We are so grateful for the warm weather here. It was a hard and very long winter. We have tons of fun planned this summer and I will post picture as we go. As soon as I figure out how to do it. LOL My grand daughters Portia (8) and Paris (3) live with me full time I am the Grammy/Mommy and they keep me very busy. It was easier I think when I was younger raising my two sons, girls are a who different ballgame. Fun though. I have a blast doing their hair and nails (I used to do hair and nails in the salon years ago). I hope I am not teaching them to be to worldly I have started Portia on her first bible study this summer and she is enjoying it. The girls go to stay at their other Grandmothers every other week end and this is my weekend off :o) So I thought it would be a good time to get my blog set up and get caught up on the new bible study that the Siestas are doing with Beth Moore, No Other Gods. I am excited to do this stud and get to know some of the other ladies that blog there. I ordered my book twice online but haven't got it yet, I will probably get doubles! LOL I live in an area where I do not have much christian fellowship so I am starving! I might even go to San Antonio if I had someone to go with but I think I would feel stupid going by myself. I will post some picture of our trip to Yellowstone last summer just so everyone can have faces to put to the blogging. I will take new picture this week, the girls have dance camp all week and Paris is just starting dance so they should be cute. Jaren has his first 4-H horse show on Friday the 27th this should be fun. I will post some picture of my beautiful horses too.