Saturday, June 30, 2012

Call 2 Fall

Call 2 Fall

I'm so busy with the girls and the farm that I haven't had time to do a thing on my blog........
But, here is something that is worthy of posting ...........blessings and have a wonderful summer

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Sue said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for taking the time to give the link "Call to Fall", I gave it a quick read, and book marked it to go back and reread tonight. I truly believe if we here in America don't fall on our knees and repent and turn away from sin, we are going to fall. This is a very timely Call as we will be celebrating A birthday for our country this week!

Hope you are doing well, we too have been so busy, working on projects, and dealing with a water leak that was in our wall, not to mention canning and preserving produce, though fpr now the garden is a little scarce of veggies until the end of July.
Enjoy your weekend!