Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Other Gods

Last week in the No Other Gods bible study we looked into the definitions of idols. One of the definitions that stood out for me was that an idol can come in the form of an overattachment to something. This week we looked at fear and I noticed that anything in my life that I had developed an overattachment to I also developed a fear of loosing or a fear of something going wrong. Kelly says on page 49 that if we can separate our fear from our idols that we will be able to think more clearly about what is actually ruling us and how fear is the agent hired by our idols to keep us attached. wow light bulb! Thank you Lord for bringing everything into the light.

Crazy but fun week, all three of my grandaughters Portia, Jayda and Paris started dance camp this week and will go everyday for two weeks. A bit crazy since each one is in a different age group and goes at a different time slot. Jaren also had his first horse show this week. He did such a good job and we are so proud of him! I also happen to love cooking and this Beth Moore bible study that Im doing has recipes for each week and then more every other week on Beths blog. So, I made the chicken enchiladas and the black beans (DeWayne loved the beans and rice dish)and the butterfinger cake. yummmy! I took half of the butterfinger cake over to Wayne and Jana for them and the kids to eat. I had fun and my family was blessed. Can't wait to try the next recipe for the chicken and bowtie pasta. I am not sure who I will make it for because DeWayne does not like feta cheese. Hmm maybe he will just have to learn to like it :o)


Sheryl said...

thanks for posting your blog address on the siesta forum. once i started reading i realized i have been here before but you have had a "blog makeover". it looks terrific!!


Cindy in HP, NC said...

CINDY here.. a fellow siesta. Looking forward to getting to know all the siesta's on our forum. Talk to you tomorrow night. Great site you have !!!