Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Happy Harvest ~ Autumn Blessings ~ Give Thanks ~

These are all little sayings that you will find all over my house this time of year.
I love fall, I love the color of the trees in the canyons all around me, I love the coolness in the air, I love the feeling that even though I am still busy now harvesting the garden and canning and working on my winter food storage I know that things are about to slow down. I love the smells in my house and the warm feeling that you get when you walk in the door. Everyone else loves it too.

I put cinnamon scented pine cones in the basket on the floor, this is the foyer table.

 My loyal companion, Quinny......where ever I go, there he is :o)
see him in the mirror

do you see Paris's sweet little face? she was running around me and kept hiding under what ever I was taking pictures of, she wanted to get her face in one...:o)

Then....Paris says  "Grammy, there is smoke out back in the bottom of the canyon, Grammy there is fire!"
  I went out on my back deck and this is what I saw.....My neighbors beautiful 110 year old barn was a blazing inferno.....I took her some warm banana nut bread and we shared a warm hug and a some one knows what happened and no one was hurt and there were no animals in the barn, just stuff. I will miss this barn from my view! I so loved it.

 Whinnnnny!!! I then hear my beautiful Boogie calling me and I go to my front door and this is what I saw....these beautiful faces looking at me and wondering why I was late feeding them. you going to come out and give me some hay?  This is my beautiful Boogie
 Old Kidderman
 Sassy, she likes to pretend she doesn't care but she is the biggest pig of them all
Give Thanks to God for all your blessings, he meant for us to enjoy our lives.....Give Thanks for your trials too....they change us and help us to grow.
Happy Harvest


Mary Ann said...

Ssuan, your home is beautiful for the season... and I am so glad the barn did not cause any other buildings to catch. I would mourn it's loss, too... you can't replace the old buildings.

Sue said...

So sorry for the loss of your neighbor's barn , Susan.. Sometimes life kicks real hard, Thank the Lord no one was hurt.
I love your fall decorations, to me Fall decorating just sets the mood from now through December. It truly is my favorite season. You are blessed to have family come by to enjoy, Our family enjoys seeing ours via, computer. ~smile~
Your horses are so beautiful, and are probably like mine spoiled,, let me rephrase that. "loved a lot". ~grinning~
I am so enjoying my Saturday off, I have been sitting in the living room enjoying my fall decorations, and music while trying to catch up on my blogging, this summer has been so busy, I have really gotten behind.
Enjoy your weekend.

Sue said...

Just checking in to say Hi, and to thank you for taking the time to visit me,
Enjoy your weekend,