Thursday, July 7, 2011


I love my yard in the summer
Dewayne gave me money to fill my flower pots for Mother's Day :o)

 can you see the daisies?  They grow wild all over our property even out in the horse pastures. I love them they are one of my favorite flowers. Iv thought of planting them up and down our lane and calling this place Daisey Lane........What do you think?

 This is the family hang out in the summer This is a great spot because it is shady after 4pm and great for BBQs

We love to ride horses in the mountains in the summer
This is DeWayne with my Boogie Man.....I was nice and let him ride my horse :o)

 Our guide and farrier James with his pack mules

 This was my view on Dotty
 Bella gets loves from Jaren my grandson, she just had a bath

 HoneyPie gets a bath too
 Get the face good
Paris gets a ridding lesson on Boe from Aunt Jana

 Boe gets a bath too
 and all Sammy does is sleep
Grab life by the tail and run with it.....enjoy every day and everyone that is in your life.
Things can change so quickly none of us know what tomorrow will bring so grab today!
Blessings and I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

I want to add here that when you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior even though we may not know what tomorrow KNOW who holds tomorrow!!! and He IS GOD!


Sue said...

Oh how true this is, Susan about life changing so quickly, and I agree we should grab life and hold on too and cherish it. Great words of encouragement, Susan.
Loved all of the photos you have shared, and I think Daisy Lane is a great name, I love daisies, and how blessed to have them grow wild. Your place is beautiful.
It looks like a great summer! As always I enjoy visiting with you, and am so sorry that I have not been able to visit because of my busyness, but am hoping it will begin to slow done.

Paula said...

Wonderful post, Susan! Your place is so beautiful.