Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Showers bring June Flowers

Even though we don't get many May flowers there are plenty of other things around here that tell me winter is over and spring is here. It seems like every year I tell myself that it has been a long winter and this year is no different. It's been a long winter!

We ordered 25 baby chicks from McMurry hatchery. They came in the mail. The lady from the post office called me a 7am Monday morning and said "we have your baby chicks, come and pick them up so you can put them under the lamp to get warm". I was worried that when I opened the box some of them would be dead but they were all alive. We did loose one last night and it was one of the ones that have feathered feet. :o(

We ordered several different breeds, some with feathered feet, some with feathers on top of their head like a top knot. Those ones look like they have a pom pom on their head right now. Most were selected for good egg producers and ones that lay well in the winter months.
My hens are two years old and several of them have stopped laying. Out of 11 hens we are only getting 3 or 4 eggs a day right now.....We ordered 25 this time from the hatchery (because that is the smallest order you can place) so by fall we will have eggs coming out our ears! I will have plenty to sell to my neighbors.

The one with the yellow on top of his head is a pom pom head

We started some plants for the garden inside and used the top of the dog create for a table.

This is working out well because the heat from the heat lamp that keeps the baby chick warm also keeps the plants a little warmer. All of this is in the garage that is also heated and kept at 60 .

My oldest son built these tents over the garden boxes so we can extend our growing season. This is working very well, I can't believe how warm the soil is inside the boxes.

These cupcakes look kinda springy don't they?

Portia had a spring birthday, # 11


*Ulrike* said...

I saw your comment over at FarmgirlCyn, and decided to stop in for a visit. Yes, the soap really works! If you don't want liquid use the exact same ingredients, grating the soap really fine, then use 1 Tablespoon per wash. My hubby walks out the door and dirt jumps on him! I too was amazed at how well this cleans since we are all so use to suds, but you don't need them!
Your baby chicks are just soooo cute! I want to order some more, but right now we have a hen setting, our neighbor is going to give us some new biddies, and we need to finish our new chicken house before I can order anything else. Always 101 things to do around here. I'll check back in again after I get caught up around here with my blog reading.

Paula said...

Oh, Susan~ I'm so jealous you got baby chicks! :)
I wish I could hear them peeping... nothing is sweeter!