Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Everything grows so fast.

Remember Taz?  The colt I bought for Dewayne last summer.
He is getting so big. James our farrier was here last friday and Taz got his feet trimmed.
The other horses got shoes on so if it ever warms up and stops raining we can go riding.
 At first he struggled to stand on three feet
 Then he figured it out
 And finally he looks at me like "Fine"
 The girls brought the new baby chicks in the house in laundry baskets to hold them and tame them.
One basket for the ones that have not been held and one for the ones that have been held. This way we know that every chick gets held. It is our hopes that this will help to make them easier to catch when they are older.

 This got a little messy in the baskets...:o(
The garden is growing too......Its raining though, I will get some new pictures after it stops. The covers we put on the garden boxes are working very well. My green beans are about three inches tall, my carrots are coming up and the swiss chard is really loving it in the covered boxes, I will start havesting it very soon.


Paula said...

WOW~ Taz is beautiful, Susan!
And I let out a huge *squeeeal* over the chickies, thank you very much!! *hehe*

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I agree Taz is so gorgeous and those chicks are adorable!! I am a little jealous that your beans are already that big! We have had so much rain here that it has been hard to get things planted. We were able to get a few things planted yesterday before it rained again today!!

Sue said...

Taz is beautiful Susan, and those granddaughters remind me of when ours would visit, the first thing we did is go to the farm center and let them pick out a chick, and they would play with them while here at the farm, and when they left we were blessed to have more chickens.~smile~
Enjoy your day.

. said...

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