Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Real Life on the Farm

WARNING!!!! These pictures are not for the faint of heart!
Remember the darling little stud colt I brought home last year? Taz
Well, Taz is getting big and a little proud of himself, in fact he has been getting a little pushy, a little nippy and just plain full of himself. He has also discovered that he like mares. :o)
SO, It was time....snip snip......poor Taz. Oh not to worry, he is just fine. A little sore and swollen maybe even humbled a bit but fine. No longer a stallion, Taz is officially a gelding! YEAH!!!!

What a sweet gelding he will be now.

The vet (Sam) a great guy! pulls Taz's wolf teeth while he is sedated. The wolf teeth get in the way and the bit bumps on them so they are pulled at this time. That way when he is two and sent off to the trainers he won't develope any bad habits of gettting behind the bit.

Just a little blood, not much. The vet scrubbed him good with iodine scrub and made an incision and then.........snip snip off they go. Taz didn't feel a thing. He was asleep.

I do feel bad though poor guy, he got it at both ends!

After he woke up the vet helped him to his feet and then he walked like a drunk sailor back to his stall. Doesn't even know what hit him. This is real life on the farm! Its all for the better, Taz will be much safer to be around as a gelding then he would be as a stallion. It will only take a few weeks for him to heal then it will all be forgotten.


Sue said...

Hi Susan, This is real life on the farm, thanks for sharing. I hope Taz will settle down for you all, he is a cutie. I wouldn't want to live anywhere except on a farm, it is the best place for children. and for us adults ~smile~

Paula said...

Ummm... ouch! *hehe*