Monday, March 21, 2011

Yesterday we went to Salt Lake City (about an hours drive) to go to church with my mom and dad. We love going to their church, pastor Eric is funny and down to earth but very strong in God's word. The worship team is wonderful, very much like Gateway it!!! After church we go over to their house to visit and have lunch and we usually bring something to share.

I had asked my mother on the phone the other day to go to the thrift store if she got a chance and look for me some more canning jars. With my plans to expand the garden this year I will be putting up a lot more of our food and could use some more jars..........well to my surprise when we walked into the house this is what she had found at the thrift store for me, for $8.00!!!!!!! Needless to say I was very excited! Thanks mom! I am so blessed to still have my mother in my life.

I was thrilled that the Ball Blue Book for canning was still in the box in fact, other than some water damage to the book the whol set is like new. I'm sure the book will come in handy, it has a lot of great information and how to's on canning and preserving food, it tells how to use the water bath canner for high acid foods like tomatoes and fruits (I also have a steam canner) and how to can in a pressure cooker (on my list of items to purchase this year) for low acid foods like green beans and even how to use a food dehydrator (also on my list). It also has tons of great recipies.


Anonymous said...

oh my!!! that is a fantastic find!! show us pics of what ya can!!

Paula said...

Awww... that was so sweet of her, Susan- and what an awesome bargain!
I have that same book and it is a wealth of information.
Yes, you are truly blessed to still have your sweet momma with you. (And taking care of you like that! *grin*)

Sue said...

Hi Susan, my name is Sue, so nice to meet you. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and have been so blessed by them.
I too have a garden and can a lot of our foods, from one canner to another, "what a find".