Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jersey Cow

I want one!!! Iv been working on hubby for a couple of years now and I'm wearin him down :o) I love the Jersey Cow, they are so beautiful and gentle.... They give lots of milk for drinking and cheese and butter. Raw milk is really good for you and you can feed some of the extra milk to the chickens, they love it and its high in calcium and protein that the chickens need and my chickens give me lots of eggs.......Its a win win don't you think? Now, I just hope I know what I'm getting myself into.......:o)


Paula said...

Oh, Susan- I would love to have a cow too.
(The animal, not the fit... *LOL*)
Jerseys do have such sweet faces!

By the way- the German pancakes were terrific!

Mountain Mama said...

Does that mean you are getting one? Oh fun!

thanks for your sweet comments. We are so thrilled to have him in our arms. What a blessing!


Mrs Adept said...

Good to know about giving some of the milk to the chickens to improve their eggs. :o) I like that, and will keep it in mind.