Monday, April 12, 2010

Mr. Maximus Plays Horses

More of what Paris does to entertain herself while Portia is at school

You don't think I'm raising horse crazy girls do you?...............hmmmm wonder where on earth they get that from?

notice they are all wearing bows or flowers in their hair..............except for Mr. Maximus, somehow he lucked out this time :o)
He is so good to stick around to what ever Pairs is getting him involved in at the time
One of Jana's neighbors gave Jayda a ton of horses and Jayda was nice enough to split them up with Portia and Paris.
Paris plays with them none stop however I'm not sure that Maximus is really that into it
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sew~in~love said...

ha ha ha ha she really cracks me up!!! I love that she is so creative in her own time!