Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Scientific Method

Portia's 4th grade science fair prodject is due the end of March.
She has learned that when scientists do experiments, they follow the steps of the scientific method. The scientific method is an orderly way to study a topic of science.

It goes like this;

#1 Ask a question. ( what do you wnat to know?)

#2 Reasearch the topic. (learn all you can about your topic)

#3 Write a hypothesis. (this is an educated guess)

#4 Plan your experiment. (decide what materials you need and gather them, plan your steps)

#5 Do the experiment. (follow your plan)

#6 Write a conclusion (summarize what happened)

#7 Share your findings (like all scientists, you should share your findings with other people at the science fair. Create a display that shows how you did your experiment and what you learned. Make sure to include your notes, graphs, illustrations or photographs.

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