Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open My Eyes

I found this prayer today on another blog that I have been following. I'm "Ghana" Adopt , the woman there, Laurel has a whole bunch of kids, some biological some are adopted. She is also a believer in Christ and I have found it interesting to watch and read about her journey. Her prayer was for her kids and I just changed some of the wordings to fit my family and situation.

Lord ...

Open my eyes ... to see life through the eyes of my beautiful Grand Children. Help me to see life through their eyes. Help me to see what they see ... when they look at me ... and Papa ... and all of our family. Give me a clear vision of their needs, and help me to meet each of those individual needs.

Lord ...

Open my ears ... to hear what they hear. Help me to hear their fears. Help me to know the secrets that lie deep inside. Help me to pull them close and know how to comfort them when they are afraid.

Lord ...

Open my heart ... to feel what they feel. Help me to understand what makes their little hearts tick. Help me to feel their insecurities and give me wisdom in how to instill a sound self-esteem a strong sense of family and to know who they are in Christ Jesus.

Lord ...

Open my mind ... help me to know them more deeply. Help me to know when to speak, and when to keep silent. Help me to know when to encourage them to speak, and when it is okay for them to just sit in silence in my arms.

Lord ...

Help me to see my Grand Children, as you see them.

Help me to hear my Grand Children, as you hear them.

Help me to understand my Grand Children, as you understand them.

Help me to know my Grand Children, as you know them.

Lord ...

Thank you for Portia

Thank you for Paris

Thank you for Jaren

Thank you for Jansen

Thank you for Jayda

Lord ...

You see them,
and you love them.

You hear them,
and you know their secrets,
and you love them.

You understand them,
and you know the hurts and the dreams they hide in their hearts,
and you love them.

You know them.
You created them.
You love them.

Thank you Lord.


Sheryl said...

wow, this is good!! a prayer that we all could pray about others in our lives.

your grandchildren are so very blessed to have you!!

Laurel said...

I'm glad that my prayer touched your heart. It is not, however, appropriate or legal to take my writing and use it as your own. I am a professional writer, and anything I write is automatically copyrighted.

Please give proper credit on your blog, with a link to my blog.

Thank you for letting me know that you used my Prayer on your blog.

I am not angry ... I just hope that you will give credit where credit is due.

mama of 13

Susan said...

Dear Laurel, I will gladly give you credit for the prayer you wrote. As I said on your blog you captured what I feel, think and say in my prayers for my grand children daily. I just change a some of the wording so that it fit my family and situations. I hope this comes as the highest of complements to you that I would want to post something like it on my own blog.
Love in Christ,

Laurel said...

Thanks much!


Susan said...

Hi Susan,

This was so beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by the other day.

It's so nice to meet other God-fearing women.

Hope you have a wonderful day♥

Farm Chick Paula said...