Friday, May 8, 2009

Portia turns 9

May 2nd was Portia's birthday. She is 9 years old and ever so much the planner with high expectations on what a birthday celebration should be. I wasn't really up for a Hawaiian Luau so Portia and I had been trying to think of something to do for her birthday. We had been out in the barn cleaning stalls and the barn radio was on, we herd on the radio that the Lipizzaner Stallions were going to be in town. "Bingo" Portia's face lite up and her eyes got big and a great big grin came over her face. "THAT'S IT"! So tonight we (all 10 of us, 5 kids & 5 adults) are off to see the "World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions"


Sheryl said...


enjoy the show, enjoy your family!

happy birthday, portia.

Mountain Mama said...

Abbi and Maggie went with some friends. They loved it!!