Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nutcracker

Wayne and Jana gave us all a wonderful Christmas gift. "Tickets to Ballet West's THE NUTCRACKER"

What a wonderful day/evening we all had. We went to church and Portia sang with the other kids of Mountain Life in front of the whole church, they did a really nice job and Dewayne and Rustin came to see her sing. :o) It was nice to have everyone in church together. After church we met up with Wayne and Jana and there kids and went to The Nutcracker ballet. Jana's sister Laura and her kids came and so did Sonja and Fred, Jana's mother and her husband. After the ballet we all went to dinner at The Olive Garden. Our food was fantastic and our servers were wonderful. It was a great way to top off a wonderful day. Paris is sure she wants to be a ballarina now! :o)

However, the day didn't start off so wonderful. It was snowing and very cold. The roads were bad and church is a 30 min. drive.

On the way to church this morning there was a truck slid off the road and rolled over right in front of us. We pulled over and the guys helped another guy pull out a woman, her teenage daughter and the teenage daughters 8month old baby. They were not hurt but I tell ya it didn't look good at all. In fact it looked like the top of the truck had caved in and I was pretty sure that the people inside were going to be in bad shape. I started praying out loud over the situation while the guys hopped out of our truck to go open the doors to the rolled truck. To my surprise the first one they pulled out was the baby girl. She wasn't even crying! Then the mother and her daughter got out. They were upside down for cryin out loud! They were shook up a little, stunned more than anything (like whoa! what just happened?) but they were fine. The woman had just passed us a few seconds before and was driving to fast for the road conditions. The girl and her baby got in our truck to stay warm until they had their rides figured out. We were a little late for church not much though. I'm just thankful those people were OK.
Thank You Jesus!
And thank you for a much needed and prayed for day with my family. God is so faithful!!! He sees and he does answer our prayers!


Sheryl said...

Susan!! It was so good to hear from you. Every time I had checked your blog it hadn't been updated, so I was not sure if you were still blogging. Great to see what you have been doing. (by the way, your blog looks terrific)

I will certainly be praying for your family. I had forgotten some of your story and was reminded of what a tough road you all have walked. However, you have walked it with such a strong faith in our Savior!! Surely others will come to know him through you.

Side note: I see you have Epicenter on your bookshelf. Several family members are "obsessed" with that book and I know I will be reading it soon. Right now my brain cannot take all of that in ha!

I am putting your blog back on my "blog reader" and will check in whenever you post something. Thanks again for stopping by. I feel like I am catching up with an old friend.

Love to you,

De Anna Morris said...

Hey! Glad you're back on the blog scene. And thanks for your encouragement you gave to me on my recent blog entry. I pray to be...more than I am.

I loved your pics and the tablescapes were beautiful!

See you again soon!