Thursday, August 7, 2008

Facing My Giants

I have to say that Iv had a hard time lateley coming up with something to blog about.
I am in a very reflective place and the battles are raging all around me. (strange huh!)

In the "No Other Gods" bible study I just went through the chapter that talked about the giants in our lives. I have been so guilty of focusing on my giants that I have not been able to live in the joy and victory that I know the Lord wants for me. However I have become increasingly aware that the Lord IS the glue that holds it all together, not me.

Lord, you love my loved ones more than I am even able to, you created them! I ask that you increase my faith Lord that I may keep my focus on you knowing that you are working in their lives. Help me Lord to see only you and not the giants in my life and in the lives of those that I love so dearly.

God is so good! Thank you Lord that you know my heart and my thoughts, you see every tear. As your word tells us, you are that friend that sticks closer than a brother.


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Mountain Mama said...

Hi Susan!
Just checking on you. You have done a nice job with your blog. I hope you keep up with it. Know you must be busy with all that you having going on.

I asked about you today at church. Brenda said that you attending elsewhere. Just know that you will be missed. You are a blessing to many ~ including me. Hope to see you around!

Blessings to you,