Monday, June 23, 2014

Because people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

I'm in the throws of the busy summer season. The garden is planted and coming up. My flower pots are filled and flower beds are all cleaned up.

Our weather is beautiful, even though we had some snow and a slight frost a week ago. Living in the mountains at 7000 ft. It's really more like late spring here rather than early summer. But the warm weather is here, finally! Thankfully we usually have long dry falls and are able to enjoy the outdoors for many months to come.

Summer is break time for me from homeschooling and it is my time to emerge myself in God's word. I have a double bible study going.....Beth Moore's "Children of the Day" which is a study of 1st & 2nd Thessalonians

and I am also doing a Precepts study by Kay Arthur on 2nd Thessalonians.

This is my second study with Kay Arthur's "Inductive Study Method".
As you can see from the chart above there is a lot of marking your bible in this method so I bought a special Inductive Study Bible just for this. I like this method a lot. It really causes me to stop and ponder the who's What's When's Where's and Why's of the books of the bible you are studying. (I say it is like "picking the chicken off the bone".) 

I love learning and growing in my knowledge of God's word but
 I have heard it said many times that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.....

 I am embarking on a new path that the Lord is leading me on. 
I have been invited by Ann Dunagan of  Daring Daughters ministry to take part in her Leadership Training. It will be training for mentoring young girls in the Lord with a heart for missions and the hurting and lost of this world. 

I am truly thankful for my home and the beauty that surrounds me but there are so many things that matter more than a beautiful yard or garden............."Thank you Father for all that You are and all that You have done for me! Thank you Father for continuing to lead my heart and showing me the things (ones) that matter most to you." I know all too well that when my time is done on this earth I will not look back and be filled with pride because I had beautiful flower beds even though I enjoy them very much. It will not matter If I drove a nice car or lived in a big house. What will matter is knowing what I did with what God has blessed me with. How much I loved, how much I cared, how much I gave of my time and resources that God has blessed me with.

I believe that the reason God blesses us with more is not so that we can heap these things upon ourselves but so that we can heap love and compassion on the hurting and the broken of this world. So we will feed the hungry and clothe the poor. So we can send out missionaries and even take mission trips ourselves in order to share God's great love and His beautiful gospel with a lost and dying world..............Lord, here I am, send me!

What a great way to spend my summer time!

Have a blessed summer and may the Lord move in your heart to go and care for the widows and the orphans of the world or even right there in your own town.

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