Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yea right buddy........No chicken dinner for you!

My youngest son Wayne and Paris with the large male coyote that Wayne shot one morning when he came to pick his dad up for work. The coyote was stalking my chicken house. Wayne shot him with one perfect shot right out in my horses pasture. No horses were in the pasture yet, all animals come into the barn at night.

Then just two weeks later.............

    Mountain lions killed after attacking pets in Utah
First Published Jan 30 2013 10:23 am • Last Updated Jan 30 2013 11:37 pm
Two pets were attacked by mountain lions early Tuesday in Summit County.
One pet was found dead and another injured less than a mile away.
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The incidents happened in the 330-person town of Woodland and are still under investigation. Information about what type of pets were attacked was not released Tuesday.
An officer from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to the report and was able to quickly track one of the mountain lions responsible for the animal’s death and euthanize it.
Two more mountain lions were discovered by late morning.
In all, three mountain lions were captured and euthanized: one adult female and two young mountain lions.
Phil Douglass, of DWR, estimates there are about six incidents each year in Northern Utah involving mountain lions, also known as cougars.
"It happens especially near people that live in areas close to the winter range where deer come down. That’s what mountain lions are following," Douglass said.
In the winter, when the snow gets too deep for deer in the high country, they migrate down to where more food is available, such as sagebrush and bitter brush, he added.
"Woodland is an area where deer will come down to spend the winter, so there is a possibility that mountain lions will be in that area, too," he said.
These mountain lions tore up a dog right next door to us.....she is a border collie and runs loose most of the time.....I have had problems with her coming over and herding my horses out in their own pasture. I think she is ok but her owners have a pretty hefty vet bill from what I understand. I have only seen her once since this incident, they were out walking her one morning and had her on a leash. But soon I'm sure she will be right back to her old tricks.
I bought a dog to raise out in the barn to keep the critters out but somehow he ended up here at the house! :o)
This year I hope to get a couple of donkeys to put in the pasture. They will run the neighbor dog off and anything else that comes into our pastures.
Happy Farming!
Remember,  keep your eyes on the Lord, He will keep your foot from stumbling!
The only time I get into trouble is when I get my eyes off the Lord and onto my circumstances.


willowcreekfarm said...

It is always tricky dealing with mountain wildlife and farming. When I was a child, growing up in the same house my husband and I now own, a mountain lion killed my pet dog. The DOW tried to track it, but were unable to find it. We have spotted mountain lions in the area over the years but haven't had any trouble with them and the animals since I was a kid. Lions are the one thing that makes me nervous with the cow and calf - anything else is either not big enough, not agressive enough, or not able to get into the pen. We, of course, close them into the barn at night.

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Wow! You have mountain lions and LOTS of snow. Love the picture.

I've so enjoyed visiting your blog this morning, and I've missed so much. I hope you had a very happy anniversary, and I hope to try the jerkey recipes you shared.:) Also, love your post about the homeschool cabinet you re-did. Love the distressed black color and how you can shut the doors on everything when school work is done.:)

And I want to be praying for you as you minister to your family and to those (your parents and brother) who are having health issues.

May our Lord bless you. You have certainly been a blessing to me, and I thank you.:)

In His Love,