Monday, May 31, 2010


Graduation Day...can you tell it was a bit windy?

Portia as a rabbit in her opera

Paris had to try on Portia's costume. She really got a big kick out of herself.
Time to breath..... It's been a very busy month for Portia. She has had an end of year dance recital a school play/opera, field day, bowling day, swimming, a 4th grade BBQ/yearbook signing and 4th grade graduation. She has had lots of end of the year assignments to get those grades up. She did it though, she buckled down and worked hard sometimes even well past her bed time. I'm very proud of her! She has really showed me that when challenged, she can and will rise to the occasion. She won a metal for her science project, got several A's and B's (mostly)on her report card. This year she has learned to write in cursive and memorized all her multiplication facts. She has really improved in her reading skills too. WAY TO GO PORTIA!!!

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