Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

WOW! This past week just flew by. Dance camp is over and the girls had fun.
Paris says she is big now because she goes to dance. We have had a lot of fun this week, we went to the Rodeo on Thursday night and then all the kids were in the Oakley parade Friday morning. Portia,Jayda and Paris were in with their dance company they are on the trailers and Jaren went in the parade with his 4-H group on his horse "Buddy". We were so impressed with what a good job Jaren and Buddy did for their first parade. Buddy is an older horse and doesn't seem to be bothered much by anything.

Jansen was the only one that wasn't going to get to be in the parade so his uncle Rustin said he would enter his new "Hot Rod" and Jansen could ride along with him and throw candy. They had a blast and everyone in the parade got a big kick out of Rustin's hat and of course all the guys thought Rustin's car was cool.

Lara's kids (Jana's sister)were in the parade also. Jordan was on a big rig with his football team and Jackson got to ride in the car with Rustin and Jansen. Me? hehe I'm always the one behind the camera :o) Papa even went to the rodeo and the parade!!! The kids love their Papa and love it when he comes along to have fun with them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis... the kids are cute, glad to see the 4th was fun for all...
Love ya... Doug

De Anna Morris said...

Hello Susan!
I am checking out your blog from South Carolina! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have given me food for thought in your comments.
Love the pics of your grandchildren...beautiful!

It is a blessing to be doing the No Other God study together all the way across the states from each other. This was a great idea that Beth Moore had.

Mountain Mama said...

Way to go girl!! You have done a great job on your blog. So fun to see what you are doing and learning.

Sheryl said...

i just sent you an email also. i am so sorry for the misunderstanding in the chat room. that was me! i thought you were someone from another forum because of your profile info. please please come back and "talk" with us. i have visited your blog many times.

i am just sick about this

Laura said...

Hi.. Laura here from the sista blog. I was on the blog with Sheryl when you went to the chat blog. I am so sorry for any misunderstanding. PLEASE< COME BACK>>>

Sheryl said...

hey susan,
i think i am losing my mind...was it you that i told i would send instructions for posting videos?

if so, email me at